Wholesale Honda Ruckus Low Profile Foot Bar
Suggested MSRP: $54.99

The Versa-Pegs went on a diet and emerged as a slender, slimmer, lighter foot bar.  The all new Slim Bar is a new way to have a low profile adjustable foot bar on your Honda Ruckus/Metropolitan.  Still versatile like its counterpart, the rider can either mount the pegs up or down and the included hole in the middle of the bar allows for mounting of accessories such as GPS units or your favorite E-smoking device holder...

Constructed from quarter inch high strength steel with weld reinforced corners, it includes stainless steel mounting hardware and knurled pegs for maximum grip.  Give your feet a break and take along the Slim Bar on your next ride.

(Wholesale) The Slim Bar Honda Ruckus Foot Bar

  • Product Specs

    Fits Honda Ruckus/Metropolitan