Honda Ruckus Stretch Kit Installation

One of the first things you are probably considering when modding your Honda Ruckus is stretching out the engine. A stretched Ruckus not only looks cool but adds some stability and control when "drag racing" or riding low and slow. Below is a detailed look and installation guide to our Honda Ruckus Dual Mount Stretch Kit. Our stretch kit is fully adjustable between a 10 or 12 inch stretch and allows the ability to use either stock wheels or fatty wheels all in one kit. This guide will outline both the installation using stock, 10x5, and 12x5 rims and fatty 10x8 and 12x8 rims.

Our stretch kit can be purchased here.

The first step to installation is to remove the engine and all wiring from the rear frame. Though not necassary, it makes it easier to rewire and tuck wires later when you have an idea of where the engine and components will sit with the engine stretched. Also, it would be wise to do any painting with everything stripped off the frame to prevent any nasty overspray. The cleaner the build, the better the build.

The next step is the bolt on the Dual Mount to the rear cross bar of the rear frame. This is the point where you have to decide what type of rim setup you will be using either stock size rims or fatty rims. It will be difficult to change rim sizes unless you remove and install the kit from the beginning again.

We will outline using the stock wheel size setting on this kit first.

Here you see the Dual Mount bolted on for stock rim sizes. The angled side faces the right. Leave the shaft collars slightly loose so you can bolt on the forward support strut later.

Below you see the engine about to be bolted up with the forward support strut in place. As a reference, it goes support strut then Dual mount. The long engine bolt goes through both holes.

Here is a different angle of the engine bolted up with the forward support strut in place and mount in place. NEVER USE THE MOUNT WITHOUT THE FORWARD SUPPORT STRUT. Tighten all bolts now.

Dual Mount with the stock rim setting using a stock rim. TIGHTEN SHAFT COLLARS ON MOUNT AND ALL BOLTS BEFORE RIDING.

Here is a look at where the shock mount fits. Use the stock upper shock bolt to bolt on the shock mount. When using the stock rim size setting, the shock bolts on the right side of the shock mount. When using fatty rim sizes, bolt shock onto left side of shock mount. Use included washers to help offset the the shock if necessary.

This part of the guide will focus on using the kit with fatty sized rims (10x8 and 12x8). The installation is similar except the mount is bolted on with the angled side facing left and the forward support strut ran on the left side.

Dual mount bolted on with angled side facing left for fatty rim offset.

Engine bolted up with forward support strut ran on the left side (variator side) of the side. NEVER USE WITHOUT FORWARD SUPPORT STRUT.

Dual Mount with the fatty rim setting using a 10x8 rim. MAKE TO TIGHTEN SHAFT COLLARS ON MOUNT AND ALL BOLTS BEFORE RIDING.

Before riding, make sure all bolts are tightened. Some extra things to consider:

If you are using a fatty rim setup, you will either have to modify your existing exhaust or obtain a fatty exhaust to clear the wider rim.

Relocation of the coolant tank may be necessary.

You may need a longer fuel line, throttle cable, and rear brake cable depending on your handlebar setup or just run the cables over top of your gas tank to create extra slack.

This kit is also available with 10x5 and 10x8 rims in our products section. For replacement parts or questions please email use at Enjoy!

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