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This is a complete Turn-Key GY6 150cc swapped Honda Ruckus.  Freshly rebuilt by Small Fast Things from the ground up with new powder coated parts with several rare and discontinued parts.


Motor Specs

GY6 150cc Motor

Stage 6 Slide Carb

Uni Foam Filter

Yoshimura TRS Muffler

Full Stainless Header with O2 sensor bung

NGK Ignition Coil

Mikuni DF44 Fuel Pump

High Torque Clutch with 1500K Contra Spring



Custom Swap Harness

Trail Tech Vapor with Speed, RPM, Engine Temp

LED Headlights and blinkers

R1 Integrated Tail Light

Lithium Battery



Paint Color - Honda Aegean Blue

One-Piece Shaved and Welded Rear Frame

Welded and Shaved front frame cover

Composimo SS GY6 mount (Discontinued)

Fresh Gloss Black Powder Coat

NCY Lowdown Rear Shock

NCY Front Forks

MFAB Kicker Foot Bar

Delrin Slider Pegs


Wheels and Brakes

NCY 10" Front Wheel

NCY Big Brakes Kits

NCY Performance Rear Drum Brake Pads

10x7 Rear Dish Wheel

GY6 Aluminum Rear Hub



Lightspeed Carbon Tank Cover

Cheeky Seats Bride Seat Cover

Front Fender

NCY Steering Clamp

Chrome Drag Bars

rPro Billet Grips

PasswordJDM Blue Billet Gas Cap

PasswordJDM X-Rated Key Ignition Cover

Countersunk Washers and Allen Bolts Kit


MD tagged and titled as a 50cc scooter.


Asking price is $5500.  Shipping is NOT free.  This Ruckus is only avaliable in the Maryland, Delaware, and Virigina Region, no option is available for cross country delivery.  Buyer is responsible for pickup or delivery arrangements.  Please contact us for more details.

Honda Ruckus 150cc GY6-Complete Bike

  • Additional Info

    This Ruckus is only available in the Maryland, Delaware, and Virigina Region, no option is available for cross country delivery.

    Shipping or pickup at the expense of the buyer.


    Buyer responsible for all tag title, regisitration, and applicable inspection fees

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