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This is a service. You send in your clean and stripped carb in order for the service to be done.Want to squeeze even more power out of your Honda Ruckus Carb? Then let us port and polish your OEM Ruckus Carburetor.  What will porting and polishing do? Increase air/gas flow, increase carb intake volume, increase intake velocity, all of which equals more torque and horsepower!  This mod has been proven on our shop bikes to improve throttle response from takeoff, increase midrange acceleration, and raise our top speed 1-3 mph.  Every little bit counts on the Honda Ruckus Engine. Port and polish your carb today!

Honda Ruckus Carburetor Porting Service

  • Process

    We currently do not have cores for purchase.  You will need to send in your carb for the service to be performed.

    Send your clean, bare carburetor assembly to us (remove all jets, float, float valve, springs, auto enricher, carb bowl, screws). You will receive shipping address once order is placed if you choose to send in your carb.  We receive and examine your carb for damage, wear, and cracks to ensure it is suitable for the service.  It is then cleaned. We port and polish the carb mouth and engine intake end.  We taper and enlarge the carb mouth, de-shroud air bypass port, and polish the the entire surface of the carb mouth.  The intake end gets enlarged and semi polished. Semi polishing promotes turbulence in the air/fuel mixture keeping gas in the air/fuel stream. We clean again and package your carb and ship back to you. We personally have seen more responsive take offs and mid-range increases with this mod.  If you have any special requests or other carb types please contact us!

    • May require proper tuning on your end to obtain max gains.
    • We cannot guarantee results because everyones engine setup is different but we can guarantee optimal air/fuel flow.
    • Purchasing a core assembly WILL NOT include jets, auto enricher, TPS sensor and any associated carb parts.  
  • Processing times

    • 5-7 days if you send in your core


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