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This is the "Roadrunner" LED Headlight Kit for the Honda Ruckus.  It is a sleek and stealthy headlight kit that can completely replace or be used in combination with the stock headlights.


Ultra Versatile, this LED light can either be mounted down by the triple tree/forks or use on the battery box at the factory headlight location. 


The light operation of the LEDs are also be customized to your liking.  Both LEDs can be wired together for either high or low beam operation or for more advanced users, low beam can operate one light and high beam can operate both. 


As a guide, red on Roadrunner LEDs should be wired with a fuse to either blue or white headlight wire on Ruckus harness and black should be directly to ground.   Failure from using an in line fuse may result in electrical damage, We are NOT responsible from damages arising from improper wiring and installation.

Honda Ruckus "Roadrunner" LED Headlight Kit

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