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This is a complete Stainless Steel Bolt Replacement kit for your Honda Ruckus.  It comes with high quality Stainless Steel allen bolts that exceed factory bolt specs and are harder to strip, won't rust, and will give your parts added security.  All bolts are Allen Head and will require an allen wrench set to install.


This kit replaces the most visible bolts on the Honda Ruckus which includes SS Allen bolts and SS washers for:


  • Headlight Cage
  • Battery Box
  • Fuel tank and floor boards (includes bolts to use with stock floorboard and aftermarket tank cover)
  • Seat Frame
  • CVT cover
  • Big Center Frame Bolts


Remember to tighten all bolts and nuts to factory torque spec and to use loctite where applicable.  We are NOT responsible for lost, broken, or stripped bolts or parts due to improper installation and use.

Honda Ruckus SS Complete Bolt Replacement Kit

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