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Ruckus LED Light Bar Kit & Strip Tail Light Kit


This is a combo kit and will give the lighting system on your Honda Ruckus a complete overhaul.  The LED Light Bar kit replaces the stock Ruckus bug eye head lights with a sleek ultra bright LED light bar.  The Strip LED Tail Light replaces the stock Ruckus tail light tree with a sleek waterproof intergrated LED Taillight. Both LED lights are complete bolt on with minor wiring.



The Strip Intergrated Tail Light with Mountig Bracket

LED Headlight Bar with Mounting Bracket

Assorted Hardware


Will only fit Honda Ruckus. May require the use of resistors to correct improper blinker flashing.


Check out our Headlight/R6 Taillight Combo Kit HERE.



Ruckus LED Light Bar & Strip Tail Light Kit

  • Additional Info

    Will only fit Honda Ruckus.

    No returns on electrical items.

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