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Looking for a cool Ruckus Key Holder?  The "SwitchKey" is a brand new key holder designed for the stock Ruckus key featuring a pocket knife style handle and folding design.  This isn't some dingleberry you bolt onto the end of your key....Add form and function with this cool foldable key holder.


Laser cut from high quality aluminum.  It is lightweight, rust proof, and easy to use.  You can even add a few extra keys on the other side of the holder to create a simple all in one key organizer.


Super easy to assemble with included stainless hardware and spacers.  You don't even have to cut up your stock ruckus key, like the other key holders on the market!


Will only fit the stock Honda Ruckus or Metropolitan key. Key not included.

Ruckus "SwitchKey" Key Holder

  • Additional Info

    Key not included

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