This a Small Fast Things custom built GY6 171cc Honda Ruckus. The base frame is a 2017 Honda Ruckus and includes rare and discontinued parts as well as one-off pieces custom made specifically for this Ruck.  This Ruckus is tagged and titled in Maryland.  Shipping or pickup at the expensive of the buyer.  Below are a list of parts and specs.



GY6 171cc Cylinder Kit

Ported Big Bore Head

A11 Camshaft

ARP head bolts

Titanium valves

NCY valve springs

Taida Bearings

OKO 30mm Flatslide carb

NCY Direct Ignition Coil

Adjustable Digital CDI

Yoshimura RS-2 Carbon Exhaust

NCY Variator

NCY Clutch

NCY Trans Gears



12x4 Mods MT-02 Front Wheel

13x8 Mods MT-02 Rear Wheel


Brakes and Controls

220mm Front Disc Brake

220mm Rear Disc Brake

Rat KouBou 4P Caliper Bracket

Brembo 4P Front Caliper

Adelin Rear Caliper 

Goodridge Sniper 2 Brake Lines

Adelin Master Cylinders

Rucksters rPro Monster Bars (Discontinued)



Trail Tech Vapor Speedometer

LED color changing halo headlights

ATR GY6 Harness

NOCO Lightweight Lithium Battery


Body and Frame

SFT GY6 Ruckus Motor Mount

DROWsports Carbon Ram Air Scoop

DROWsports Carbon Tank cover

DROWsports Carbon Rear Fender

DROWsports Carbon Key Guard

Front Fender

Ruckster rPro Footbar (Discontinued)

Chimera Seat Frame

HTmoto Seat Cover

CRG Blindside Mirror



SFT Spec 171cc GY6 Ruckus

  • Additional Info

    Shipping or pickup at the expense of the buyer.


    Buyer responsible for all tag title, regisitration, and applicable inspection fees