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NEW and IMPROVED Honda Ruckus Low Profile Foot Bar
The all new redesigned Slim Bar 2.0 is a sleek low profile adjustable foot bar for your Honda Ruckus/Metropolitan.  We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the original Slim Bar.  We made it stock Ruckus and Pre-09 Metropolitan Floorboard friendly.  This footbar will clear the "hump" that is at the front of the Ruckus and Metropolitan frame.
Very versatile mounting allows the rider to mount the pegs facing up or down.  We have added a slot in the middle of the footbar for mounting accessories (GPS, speedo, cup holder, etc).
Constructed from 1/4 inch Laser Cut U.S. steel, it includes stainless steel mounting hardware and knurled pegs for maximum grip.  Give your feet a break and take along the Slim Bar on your next ride. 



Honda Ruckus NPS50 All Years

Honda Metropolitan Pre-09 CHF50


Installation Video:

The Slim Bar 2.0 Ruckus Foot Bar

  • Product Specs

    Fits: Honda Ruckus NPS50 All Years, Metropolitan Pre-09 CHF50

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