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This mount is for Ruckus GY6 Skinny Wheels.  Will only fit 12x2.75 or 12x3 stock GY6 150cc skinny wheels. WILL NOT FIT SHORTCASE GY6 MOTORS.


After some heavy R&D and road testing Small Fast Things is proud to release the highly anticipated GY6 swap mount for the Honda Ruckus.  Our GY6 mount is CNC laser cutter from high strength 3/8" AR500 steel plate, the same steel used in armor plating, and assembled in-house right here in the USA.  Our mount design allows for the carburetor to be mounted backwards as originally intended on the GY6 150cc motor.  By mounting the carburetor facing backwards as intended, the float in the carb bowl is level, which helps with starting, idling, WOT, etc.


This mount will only work on 150cc GY6 motors on a Honda Ruckus running a skinny wheel.  Will NOT work on stock GET motors or Ruckus Clones.  If you are looking for a mount for your stock 50cc Honda Ruckus click here.



Honda Ruckus 150cc GY6 12 inch Stretch Kit

Extension Strut

Shock Mount



Optional Upgrade:

XL Shock Arm - Extra beefy solid steel shock arm recommended for heavier riders or stiff rear shocks.


Click here for installation guide

Honda Ruckus 150cc GY6 Stretch Kit 2.0 - SKINNY

  • Product Specs

    Will only work with 150cc Longcase GY6 motor.

    Must use Stock GY6 Skinny Wheel.


    Longer Cables may be required depending on your handlebar setup

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