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Build Profile: SFTGY6

This is our personal shop Ruck that we have been building and adding onto throughout the years, but recently decided to do a complete rebuild with updated paint and parts. This is the SFTGY6...

This Honda Ruckus build started as a 2008 frame with the sole purpose of being built out as a GY6 platform for new, one-off, rare and discontinued parts. It has taken many forms throughout the years and through many trails and tribulations, has become our version of a Small Fast Things Spec build.

This Ruck checks all the boxes in terms of parts and features that we would ever want:

  • GY6 171cc motor

  • Fancy Flashy Wheels

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Powder Coat Paint Job

  • Rare and Discontinued Parts

  • FAST

Starting at the motor, this Ruck has a handbuilt 171cc Big Bore featuring Taida and NCY internals. A NCY direct ignition coil and powerful 11 pole Stator drives the ignition and charging system and a Taida High Torque Starter helps to turn over the high compression big bore motor. A OKO 30mm flat slide carb paired with a K&N filter allows for quick and accurate throttle response at any speed. This beast cruises at a comfortable 60mph and is rated for 70mph+. A special edition all Stainless Steel version of our popular SFT GY6 Fatty Mount mates the GY6 motor to the Ruckus frame.

All motor bits and pieces were color matched. Dig the Ankle Biter setup with Case Brace back support. Transmission parts include a NCY Golden Variator and Drive Face, NCY Green Gen 4 clutch, and NCY Gearing.

Now a big theme of this build was CARBON FIBER, cause who doesn't like fancy space age light weight and strong materials. This build features extensive use of DrowSports Composite Components including a tank cover, front/rear fenders, cooling shroud and other odds and ends.

Carbon Fiber Tank Cover

Carbon Fiber Cooling Shroud, Fatty Rear Fender, and Yoshi RS-2

A big highlight of this build is the paint scheme. We had East Coast Powder Pros out of Berlin, MD completely strip the old paint and lay down a high gloss shiny dark green called Green McQueen. They also redid some other parts in high gloss black. Overall, very impressed with the way the color came out and will definitely be looking to them for future powder coating needs.

Now let's talk about those wheels...since COVID it has been incredibly hard to find and source custom Ruckus wheels due to a nation wide shortages. We were able to score these matching trick wheels by Mods Custom Wheels. This pattern called MT-02, done in high gloss black with perimeter Allen bolts, compliments the dark green color scheme very nicely. The front wheel is a 12x4 while the rear features a 13x7 both wrapped in low profile Michelin tires. FULL front and rear Brembo disc brakes ensures this Ruck has no problem stopping at any speed.

Notice the LED Halo Custom Headlight setup and DrowSports Carbon Front Fender

At the controls, a discontinued Rucksters rPro handlebar stem with Carbon Fiber bars was used. We wanted a "Pilot" like steering setup that features full digital details and indicators. We utilized a TrailTech Vapor Gauge with speed, RPM, engine temp, and ride timer and a KOSO volt meter to achieve all of the vital stats monitoring. A Dual Adelin Master Cylinder, NCY Bearing Quick Throttle, and aftermarket left controls rounds out the rest of handlebar setup. The starter button has been relocated to the frame cap on the left side frame bushing hole...TRRRRICK.

Custom seat cover with matching green thread and carbon fiber pattern.

Overall, this Ruckus features everything we would want on a clapped out Honda Ruckus GY6 build and am very happy with how it turned out. For custom Honda Ruckus build inquires, contact us HERE.

Ride Hard!


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