Honda Metropolitan Stretch Kit Install

This is an install guide for the Small Fast Things Honda Metropolitan CHF50 Stretch Kit.

Before installing the stretch kit, you need to remove the stock motor hanging bracket and motor. It is also recommended you remove the rear body panels to assist with positioning and staging parts to check proper fitment. Furthermore, this stretch kit was designed specifically to work with in conjunction with the Ruckus Swingarm conversion. You may also be required to cut or trim some panels depending on how low you setup is or what size tire you use. Please note, this kit will only work with stock, 10x5, or 12x5 wheels. This kit will NOT work with fatty wheels.

Below is the stretch kit installed on a motor with the Ruck swingarm conversion. The motor bolts up under the front cross bar of the Met rear frame. Also shown is the extended show arm installed in the shock mounting point on the frame.

Below is a view of the Met stretch kit installed with the body panels installed.

This is a side view of the stretch kit with the body panels installed. This kit is fully stock shock compatible but it is highly recommended to upgrade to a aftermarket shock that is stiffer and adjustable.