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So we're going to try out this blogging thing. Not to create loads of backlinks and positive SEO related mumbo jumbo that will surely skyrocket our site ranking to the top....but because it was about time we shared our stories and building adventures with the community of 50cc and honda ruckus afficionados. I think we will start with 1-3 blog posts a week just to test the waters, and hopefully be able to progress to more. This will also be a good experiment to see if we can chronicle the interesting and often times unique projects we end up doing or simply just to share a few tips that will aid you in your Honda Ruckus/50cc scooter modding adventures. We call it "The Daily"....well not so daily but simply put a glimspe into the happenings here at Small Fast Things.

Heres alittle something for our first post. Enjoy!

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