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Howto: GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit

This is the definitive guide to using and installing the Small Fast Things GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit.

The SFT GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit allows you to stretch and use a 10x8 fatty rear wheel on your VIP-50 Style scooter. It may fit other GY6 50cc scooters with modification as well.

Installation requires disassembly and removal of the existing motor mount and installing a heavy duty steel 10" extended mount in order to give you the proper length and offset to use a wider wheel on your GY6 50cc scooter.

We went to great lengths to R&D and build the SFT GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit. It is constructed from Laser Cut steel and fabricated to form a boxed style mount for excellent rigidity and strength. It is a direct replacement for the factory "paper thin" motor mount.

The factory GY6 50cc motor mount. Remove this before installing the SFT Stretch Kit.

See below for the proper installation and placement of the GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit in the VIP-50 scooter frame.

50cc Fatty Stretch Kit installed with a 10x8 wheel mounted.

Ensure all nuts and bolts are tightened properly before riding. The SFT GY6 50cc Fatty Stretch Kit is intended for Show Use ONLY. Install and use at your own risk.


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