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Build Profile: Wooden Honda Ruckus!?!

A few months ago, we were approached by a local individual to breath life back into their Honda Ruckus. We were not expecting what he dropped off....a Honda Ruckus full GY6 swap with a wooden trunk and full wooden floor boards dubbed the "Truckus".

This thing was a beast and a work of art. It had a custom hibiscus painted battery box, reworked frame to included a trunk, wooden hands grips, a 180cc big bored GY6, and pretty much everything you could expect on a fully custom ruckus. It had a slew of problems including a clogged up carb, dead battery, a blown starter, and a blown ring of two. A full engine rebuild later and it was back up and cruisin'. Enjoy!

The Truckus - Wooden Honda Ruckus

Wooden Hand Grips! Sure beats our wood...

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