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Build Profile: Drag Bike

Breaking molds and standards is something that we always try to achieve when planning out the next shop build or project. Google honda ruckus modded or honda ruckus slammed...what do you see? Fatty wheels, stretch, and shiny rims. Standards in the game these days. Thats why we decided to built something different and unique and came up with the idea of a race themed bike. Enter the Small Fast Things Drag Bike.

Yes it not a real Honda Ruckus, but does that really matter?? Everyone and their grandmother are swapping chinese made 150cc motors and ripping out the core essentials that make the Ruckus a Honda so what really is left at the end of the day? A Honda true to its name and form or a frame with a bigger motor and shinny parts?

So we had a old Ruckus Clone sitting around and a donor 150cc motor with low miles and decided to mate the too together. Nothing is ever bolt on at Small Fast Things so we had to do a custom welded engine mount and case brace with intergrated shock mount. As this point we pretty much had to decide on the rear rim setup. All our other bikes are fatties so why not do a skinny setup, something different and not seen often in the Ruckus game. This decision ultimately paved the way for a race style bike. Something that was narrow, could turn, and rip the track all day long. We sourced a slick tire from a bigger Ruckus shop out west and a 12x3 inch rear rim. Race bikes need to be simple and clean to reduce weigh and limit the amount of parts that could fail. We did away with most of the stock controls in favor of two simple push buttoms on the box for start and kill. We did a "suicide" brake setup. Front brake only, just enough to stop you after a quarer mile run. On top of the 150cc we are running a Velocity stacked OKO 30mm Slide Carb pulled by a NCY quick turn throttle (throttle response x9000). Full performance ignition kit with a high torque starter motor. Add all the other ruckus related essentials and we have a pretty mean looking drag bike ready to hit the track.

Slick tire, single brake? Yes, this bike may not be the most road worthy, but that wasn't the point anyway. Enjoy

Welded Engine Mount and Case Brace with intergrated shock mount

Velocity Stacked Madness

Carbon Seat Wrap

Deleted Controls

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