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Build Profile: Red, White, and Ruck

We admit it, we have been slacking on adding to this “daily” blog….So lets make it up to you ruck heads by posting a little write up on a Ruckus we build about a year ago.

Summer 2014 we were approached by a local radio station dj to piece together his currently pieced together Honda Ruckus. According to him it had been stolen, recovered, then stolen again, and dropped and ran over by a truck. It had seen better days but having sat in his backyard through a long and snowy winter meant it was probably at its low point. Enter Small Fast Things...He wanted it to be stretched, fast, and eye catching. We chose to go with the rare Gobukuto 6in stretch kit straight from Japan to give a subtle wheelbase extension. This paired with some 6 inch frame blocks allowed for a 12in overall body stretch. We went with a Red, White, and Blue theme just in time for the 4th of July and our 10x5 mini fatty gave the wheelbase a slightly wi

der look. A few touches here and there like red dress up bolts, a PC20 carb, custom seat wrap, and this Ruckus was ready to shred the streets of OCMD. Enjoy!

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