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Build Profile: The Met-nasty

Here is a Honda Metropolitan we have had the pleasure of owning for the last few years. It has gone through many variations but we are truly pleased with the most recent.

A 2009 Honda Metropolitan with a Ruckus swingarm swap, 10x5 Mini fatty, and custom wood grain wrap. We always thought the Met was a classy scoot so a wood grain finish seemed fitting.

Pushing this baby is a stock GET motor with our ported carb and air filter upgrades. A Yoshi TRC at the other end gives her a nice throaty sound and ample performance gains. NCY golden variator spinning a Polini belt with Full Met gears translating those RPMs has pushed this bad girl to a comfortable 48mph.

Lets talk about that front end though....The Met has a narrower triple tree than the Ruckus, so there was a lot of fitting involved to get the big brakes that the Ruckus counterpart sees. Nestled (tightly) underneath the woodgrain cowl is a 10x2.5 5 star rim with Tilier lowdown fronts. The 220mm rotor is stopped by a Banjing caliper with NCY lines. We had to grind down the front hub in order for it to center correctly between the forks.

Check the clearance on that Banjing caliper. We had to shave 1-2mm off the back of the caliper just to fit it inside the rim. The struggles of running a 220mm rotor setup on a 10inch rim.

Another angle of the tight fitment, dig the mirror finish 220mm rotor.

LED flush mount blinkers in the front fender and HID headlight keeps everything visible at night.

The Met-Nasty...enjoy.

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