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Build Profile: Chopper Ruck

Here's one for the books...Chopper Honda Ruckus.

Everyone goes low, why not go high? That is exactly what shop monkey Jordo wanted when it was time to mod his Ruckus and we made no compromise when making his dream come true.

Jordo is a big guy. So we went with a 150cc GY6 swap with a custom made fatty header and Yoshi muffler. A mild 11 inch stretch not only gives this rad Ruck some stance but helps offset the engine with the wide 12x8 fatty rim. We have clocked this bad boy at 77mph with some encouragement from a performance clutch and other GY6 essential performance parts.

Now lets take about those handlebars....18 inches of ape hanging madness. We don't call Jordo a shop monkey for nothing and these handle bars are the perfect monkey bars for this BAMF. We had to custom order cables long enough to reach everything including the rear brake at the end of the longcase stretched out GY6 engine. It took a whole bottle of DOT3 brake fluid to bleed the front brake because of the length of the cable. All wiring was lengthened, tucked, and routed into the handlebars to give a nice clean look.

Do they look badass? Certainly. Are they comfortable? Sometimes.

Blue dress up parts and small details here and there really help to show the time and attention given to this one of a kind ruck.

Carbon Grips.

Trail Tech Speedometer.

Blue gas cap, blue filter, all the blue things.

12x5 5 star front rim and NCY front end kit.

For this bad ass creation, Jordo took home Best Ruck at the annual OC Car and Truck Show.

Necking breaking since 2015...enjoy.

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