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Build Profile: MD Ruck

We took a more themed approach on our most recent build. Drawing on our roots and location, we decided to incorporate some state pride and present to you MD Ruck.

A 6 in ATR stretch, 10x5 mini fatty, and all the Ruckus essentials. Our aim was to build a Ruck that incorporated a few OG parts but still had a decked out feel to it. We wanted this Ruck to be clean and tight, both good for being looked at and being ridden.

Two Brothers exhaust with a custom header.

Bride Seat wrap and lowered seat frame.

Full front end kit. RRGS low down forks, NCY caliper, Adelin Floating rotor.

The power plant behind this Ruck. Custom built 58.1cc GET big bore allows this Ruck to cruise at a comfortable 54 mph.

For more information about custom Honda Ruckus parts and builds, please contact us at

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