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Honda Ruckus Front Disc Brakes

Give me a brake...a Honda Ruckus Front Disc Brake that is. One of the biggest mods you can do to your Honda Ruckus is a front disc brake kit. The main benefit is stopping power but has the added benefit of looking cool and awesome! There are many ways to do it. The easiest is to purchase a NCY big brakes kit which includes everything you need plus a front wheel but it gets a little complex if you are looking for something a little bit more flashy or looking to piece together a kit. The basic parts you will need are disc brake style front forks, brake caliper and corresponding caliper bracket, hydraulic brake line, brake master cylinder, and a brake rotor. If you are looking for flashy front rim options, you will need a front brake hub and associated rotor adapter plate. Monkey hubs are a popular option but will require a rotor adapter to work with Ruckus sized brake rotors. You will also need a front rim with the proper bolt pattern. 4/90 is a popular bolt pattern and is what is on a monkey hub. Lets consider a kit with a new 10 inch rim and tire, lowered forks, etc. Like the front kit pictured below:

Here is a spread of the parts in this fork end kit:

Banjing Lowdown Forks

Frando HF-1 200mm caliper bracket

Frando HF-1 4 Pot caliper

Adelin brake line

Right brake master cylinder

RIN parts 200mm rotor

TI 12mm axle

Front Hub

Custom 8 hole 10inch rim

Contact us today if you are looking to source top shelf brake parts for your Honda Ruckus.

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