Build Profile: Jerry's Ruck

Built not bought and to each their own. That pretty much sums up Jerry's Ruck (@jerry_marine).

Jerry came to us a few months ago inquiring about our parts, we were able to point him in the right direction and we are amazed of the Ruckus creation he has poured countless hours over.

These days, top notch builds don't necessary mean having a deep wallet, but more so the time and attention you take to building it. Jerry's ruck is a prime example of someone finding a passion and pursuing it by all means. Back in 2017, Jerry discovered the world of the Honda Ruckus when he saw a few Rucks (probably ours...) while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. He knew he had to get his hands on one and we are glad he did.

Jerry went with all the basic mods for speed and looks and chose to go with a gray color tone with a few ascent parts to contrast.

A highlight of Jerry's Ruck build is the 12x8 deep dish fatty he is rocking. We followed the progression of Jerry's build on social media and he chose our Dual Mount stretch kit because he built his Ruck in stages. Starting out with the stock wheel size, he later upgraded to the current 12x8 fatty setup which was made easy with our adjustable stretch kit. By using our stretch kit, Jerry didn't have to spend money on 2 different stretch kit, but instead purchased one mount and use it later down the road for a different setup. He is also rocking a matching 12x4 dish front rim, an excellent compliment.