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Honda Ruckus Maintenance Tips

Honda Ruckus Maintenance Tips

The 50cc Honda Ruckus is a incredible machine. Purpose built and made to last, it is by far one of the best selling scooter of all time. Though super reliable and relatively low maintenance, in this article we will discuss some tried and trued techniques to help maximize the life and performance of the 50cc Honda Ruckus.

Oil Changes:

Oil is one of the single most important aspects of a 4 stroke motor. It's what keeps everything moving and revolving smoothly. We have found that oil changes every 1000 miles keeps the Ruckus motor running at top shape. This minimizes deposit buildup and keeps things running smoothly. Engine oil lubricates and cleans the inside of a motor, and as it gets used the effectiveness of oil decreases. The Honda Ruckus has a smaller engine area so buildup can happen fast in these areas. This is why we believe a shorter oil change interval is recommended for these small motors. On our shop builds, we do oil changes at 500 mile intervals with 10w-40 full synthetic oil. This is because we like to pound on the Ruckus motor with high RPMs and build up and oil breakdown can help sooner. We also change the crush washer behind the oil drain bolt to ensure no leaks develop at the drain hole. After you have started racking up the miles on your Ruckus, it is also wise to gave the motor a good cleaning. Not only will this make your Ruckus look cleaner but also help you detect any oil leaks that may be forming.

Tire Pressure:

Proper tire pressure is something that is often times overlooked. Tires are the final connection between the power of the engine and the road so any resistance from the tires can affect performance and speed greatly. Under inflated tires can greatly affect performance and MPG because it creates a rolling drag. It can also increase wear on the tires because more of the tire is in contact with the asphalt at all times. The factory cold air pressure for the stock ruckus tires is 20 psi but we recommend inflate to at least 30 psi to decrease as much rolling resistance as possible. We also opt to upgrade the stock knobby tires to a more road suitable tire such as the Michelin Boopers. These are smoother tires suitable for road use and you will experience less vibration and noise which means increased speed, performance, and longevity.

Belt and Transmission:

Check the Honda Ruckus belt and variator weights at 1000 mile intervals. If you notice any fraying or excessive belt wear, replace immediately. The belt is an important component of the transmission so its best to keep it in top working order. A worn out belt could shave off top speed and acceleration so its best to make sure it's replaced when necessary. Good replacements are the factory Bando, Polini or Gates belts. Any flat spots on the roller weights is bad and replacing will help improve your top speed.

Keep it Clean!:

Lastly keep your Honda Ruckus clean! Not only will this preserve and keep your scooter looking nice, it will also help you detect any problems early and fix if needed. A clean motor will help you see any leaks that may be forming and alert you to the part that needs attention. We have seen our fair share of scooter abuse and the simplest way to keep you scooter in tip top shape is just to keep it clean. Trust us, not only will this help to improve the resell value but also keep you proud in your two wheel investment. Happy riding!

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