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GY6 Ruckus Stretch Kit

GY6 Ruckus Swap

You want to swap a GY6 150cc motor into your stock Honda Ruckus in hopes of going 60+mph on your small two wheeled machine. So how do you do that? The GY6 150cc does not simply bolt onto the stock ruckus frame. You need a motor mount that will create a mounting point on the stock frame that will allow a GY6 motor to be bolted onto the Ruck. This is where the Small Fast Things GY6 Swap Mount Kit comes in.

The Small Fast Things GY6 Fatty Swap Mount

Swap Mount

Our GY6 Mount kit allows you to bolt on a GY6 150cc to a Ruckus with no cutting, grinding, or welding required. It also allows you to use a 12x8 or 13x8 fatty rear wheel on the GY6 (hub required). But an added feature of our kit is that it will allow you to mount the GY6 carburetor backwards (the right way). Other GY6 swap mounts on the market force you to purchase additional adapters and cocking flanges in order to turn the carb forward because there isn't any room to face the carb backwards. This will not only add additional expense to your build but also cause running issues if you run the GY6 carb forwards.

"GY6 carb mounted forwards will cause running issues."

Performance Issues

Through trial and error, we have found that positioning the GY6 150cc carb forward actually cause starting, idling, and running problems. The problems occur when the carb is tilted up too much by forward adapters, cocking flanges, and runners. These pieces can affect the flow, temperature, and speed of the Air/Fuel mixture causing performance and running issues. With our GY6 swap mount, we purposefully designed the mount to allow for the GY6 carb to be mounted naturally backwards (the right way). With this, we have found improvements in starting, idling, increase MPG, and better performance overall. The motor was originally designed with the carb facing backwards, so why change this! No more, ripping your hair out with a GY6 swap because you can't get it running right due to carb issues. Our GY6 Swap mount is the answer!

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