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Howto: Ruckus R6 Tail Light

The Honda Ruckus R6 Tail Light is a great early modification for the Honda Ruckus. It gets rid of the stock taillight tree and gives you a sleek stealthy integrated tail light that fits neatly underneath of the Ruckus seat. Installation is a quick and easy and requires minor wiring. You will also need to cut and grind off the frame bracket that holds the stock tail light if you want a cleaner look.

The Small Fast Things R6 Tail Light kit includes everything needed to install a R6 Tail Light on a Honda Ruckus. The kit includes the R6 tail light that features both running and brake light as well as left and right blinkers. It also includes a stainless steel laser cut mounting bracket that makes it quick and easy to install the R6 underneath of your seat. ORDER HERE

Wiring the R6 tail light is simple. You need to crimp on male bullet connectors to R6 tail light harness and connect them directly to the stock tail light harness. See below for the R6 Ruckus wiring guide courtesy of Drowsports:

In the instance you find that the blinkers don't blink, you need to add in-line resistors to create more resistor for the flasher unit. This happens because LED blinkers create least resistance which doesn't cause the stock blinker flasher to work properly. The easy fix is either in-line resistors or a LED flasher unit. See below for a guide to installing in-line resistors courtesy of Drowsports:

As always use and install at your own risk and if you don't know what you are doing...please consult a profession.

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