Howto: Honda Ruckus Stretch Kit Install

The instructions and video below pertain to installation of the Small Fast Things Fatty/Non-Fatty Dual Mount Stretch Kit. Install and use at your own risk.

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Below are more detailed photos on installing the Dual Mount using a stock Ruckus wheel:

Position of the Dual Mount for non-fatty position. Angled part of the mount faces to the right (exhaust side). Also, note the position of the left shaft collar on the Dual Mount and where it sits in relation to the frame shock bracket. This is where the left shaft will aways sit regardless if you are installed for fatty or non-fatty.

12" stretch strut position. It bolts onto the frame bushing on the right side using the longer bolt that is included with the kit. Tip: Loosely bolt on the Dual Mount and position it to where the stretch strut ends. Then tighten the shaft collars on top of the Dual Mount. This helps you "set" the angle of the mount. Line up the hole on the stretch strut with the tab hole on the mount using the long engine bolt.

Another view of the long strut and where it goes for non-fatty install.

This is where the extended shock arm goes. Reuse the stock shock bolt.

Stock motor bolted up with stock shock installed.

If you still have the stock tail light tree installed, you will have to bend or cut off the bottom reflector bracket as it will rub on the wheel when you hit a bump. We highly recommend using our LED Taillight Strip available HERE


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