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Howto: Ruckus LED Tail Light Strip Kit

The Small Fast Things Honda Ruckus LED Tail Light Strip Kit is one of the cleanest and easiest taillight kits out there to give your Ruckus that sleek and stealthy look. If you dig the stock tail light Christmas tree setup...more power to you, but we have found that a taillight mod is one of the first things people do to their new Honda Ruckus. And the Small Fast Things LED Tail Light Strip Kit will allow you to do that all without breaking the bank while providing a bright, high quality, and waterproof setup. Below are simple instructions that you can follow to install and use the LED Tail Light Strip Kit. Remember, install and use at your own risk and consult a professional if you are uncomfortable with doing the work yourself.

Step 1: Remove stock tail light and (OPTIONAL) shave off frame tail light bracket "duckbill"

Step 2: Install LED Taillight Strip under the Ruckus Seat with included hardware

Step 3: Wire up the LED Taillight Strip using the below color diagram as reference to the stock Ruckus taillight harness.

Step 4: If you find that all of your blinker don't blink or comes on and doesn't blink, then you probably need to wire in some in-line resistors. LED blinkers use less power and last longer but don't draw enough current to make the stock flasher relay work. You need to add more resistance using inline 12v resistors. Also, another tip is to unplug the blinker indicator on the handle stem. This sometimes causes issues with LED blinker setups. See below for in-line resistor wiring guide.

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