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Why can't I find Ruckus Wheels!?

Have you been scouring the internet looking for a nice shinny pair of matching rims for your Honda Ruckus or GY6?...Well you can keep looking because there is a massive shortage on aluminum blanks that are used for cutting out Ruckus and GY6 rims.

Earlier in 2020, the company that produces 12x8, 10x8, 10x5, and all other sized wheels that are used on the Ruckus and GY6 decided to move into a bigger plant. Well this takes time and retooling when a new manufacturing plant is setup. Then suddenly the Coronavirus Pandemic hit and this threw another screwball into everyone's operations with forced shutdowns, mandatory quarantines, etc. One would only assume the incredible backlog that this company would face considering they are OEM producers for major powersports brands as well. With ruckus sized wheels probably making up on a small percentage of the companies catalog of products, it would probably be some time before the supply of 12x8, 10x5, and 10x5 blanks will start shipping again. Then there are the backlogs that the companies who cut the Ruckus wheels are facing as well. So if you aren't willing to jump on an even extending waitlist or buy second hand from an online marketplace, it could be some time before nice shinny Ruckus wheels will make it onto your build.

For the time being, be patient, stay safe, and keep looking!


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